House rules

  • Smoking and frying in the accommodation are not permitted;
  • The accommodation must remain in its original state, both inside and outside;
  • There is a parking space at each accommodation, if you have multiple cars you must use the parking space at the entrance;
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the park by car;
  • No cars are allowed to be parked on the grass or along the road on the site.
  • Drive slowly on the terrain;
  • Pets are not allowed in the accommodation unless the accommodation in question explicitly states that this is allowed. There is a leash and clean-up obligation at the park;
  • The lawn must remain free of obstacles due to: mowing work on the site.
  • Keep terraces neat and tidy;
  • There must be silence in the park between 11 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. Take this into account if you want to enjoy the long evening and sit outside. During the day, it is also appreciated if you set your radio, TV or other sound sources to such a sound level that your fellow holidaymakers do not experience it as a nuisance.
  • Subletting of the accommodation is not permitted;
  • No wet wipes in the toilet to prevent blockages in the sewer;
  • As a landlord, we reserve the right to enter/inspect the property at any time.

As a tenant, you must have observed these house rules.